Please put your name next to the job you wish to fill:

Wiki for volunteers/sign up: Reiber

Flyer sent to all LA classes: (Janszen has a digital copy, you just need to copy and distribute) Stevens

Poster and commercial: reiber/tech team

Financial forms, counting money: Janszen (Strom keeps and deposits)

Change/petty cash: Janszen/Sandy Strom

Set up on Monday, November 19th:
1Sauvey (during bells 8/9)
2 Cordes( bells 8/9)
3 Koscianski (9th bell)
4 Hayner (6th bell)
5 N. Allen (4th bell)
6 Klaus (6th bell)
7 Janszen
8 Reiber,
9. Saunders (7th)

Posters: (need to be numbered, can be hung on walls or on portable hanging display)
1 Sauvey
2 C. Allen

Calling to reorder books from Scholastic: (Tues, Wed, and Thurs.)
1. Saunders
Organizing pick up from Scholastic Warehouse: (Tuesday, Wed, Thurs)
1. Saunders
Training Volunteers before school:
Monday: Janszen
Tuesday: Kunkel
Wed: Kunkel
Thurs: Saunders

Copying Lunch passes, cutting and leaving in work room on table: Cordes

Copying & cutting raffle tickets for Family Night on Wed: Stevens

Unloading new book shipments during 1st bell:
Wed: Janszen
Thurs: Chatterjee
Friday: Janszen

Take down: 3:30 on Friday, November 30th: Will need lots of volunteers, leave everything except the cash registers plugged in, please (and all posters we used, set aside)
1 Janszen
2 Sauvey
3 Cordes
4 Koscianski
5 N. Allen
6 Saunders
7 C. Allen
8 Butler
9 Sanders
10 Chatterjee
11. Young